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Additive concentrates

MACOMASS additive concentrates are recommended for application-specific modification and stabilisation of base polymers on the basis of polyolefin carrier materials. Much like MACOMASS colour concentrates, they are added to the base polymers in defined amounts during processing.

In order to increase the compatibility with their base polymers, it is also possible to create additive concentrates using different carrier materials upon request.

Similarly, the combination of additive and colour concentrates as a so-called combibatch is possible for the most varying areas of application.

Sample from our product range:

  • Metal deactivator concentrate
  • Processing aid concentrate (e.g. mould release)
  • UV stabiliser concentrate
  • Thermostabiliser concentrate
  • Optical brightener concentrate


Combibatches combine the respective properties of a colour concentrate and/or other additive concentrates.

Together we can define which outer influences have an effect on the end product and, e.g. what the polymer should stabilise against.

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