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PP compounds

The polypropylene material as a part-crystalline thermoplastic resin has a set ratio to stiffness and toughness if not modified. With PP copolymers, there is improved impact toughness in relation to weaker stiffness values when compared to PP homopolymers.

Highly molecular types with low MFR show good melt rigidity and are used for extrusion and the blowing process.
For injection moulding, low-molecular-count types with high MFR are used in order to optimally fill even complex injection moulds with easy-flowing material.

MACOMASS provides you with tailor-made PP compounds in a melt flow index range of approx. 0.3 – 100 (g/10 min).

Target-oriented finishes (e.g. elastomer modification, flame resistance, reinforcements, etc.) let MACOMASS PP compounds in technical applications meet the highest demands.