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Soft-PVC Compounds


Our strength lies in the compounding process, which is coordinated to satisfy your application and methodological requirements as well as the applicable legal guidelines.

Furthermore, MACOMASS provides you with high flexibility thanks to a standard storage range of transparent soft PVC compounds for extrusion and injection moulding.

We can perform targeted modification of PVC compounds in order to, for example, achieve or reinforce the following properties, in accordance with what you want:

  • Weather-resistance
  • Lightfastness (with coloured materials)
  • UV resistance
  • Low-temperature impact strength
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Impact toughness
  • Improved flame resistance equipment
  • Migration resistance
  • Blowing agent-containing
  • Fungicide finishing
  • Improved oil and fuel resistance
  • Nonylphenol-free
  • Phthalate-free

We can incorporate a wide spectrum of softeners, from DIDP, DINP, DINCH to polymer softeners, into W-PVC compounds.

PVC with k-values of 60-80 is calibrated for MACOMASS compounds depending on the processing methods and end use.

MACOMASS soft PVC compound can also be supplied in whichever colour you desire. We'll be happy to oblige in keeping to your own individual design templates or requirements according to colour standards like RAL, Pantone, etc.

We'll be happy to compile your own individual colour concentrate offer! Click here!

Programm Soft-PVC extrusion

MM-PVCShoreDensity in g/cm³Tensile strength in N/mm²Elongation at breakColourDatasheet
E 1561A 641,1710300clear-transparentDownload
E 1570A 741,1813300clear-transparentDownload
E 1580A 801,2114300clear-transparentDownload
E 1585A 881,2417250clear-transparentDownload
E 1595A 951,2620200clear-transparentDownload

Programm Soft-PVC injection moulding

MM-PVCShoreDensity in g/cm³Tensile strength in N/mm²Elongation at breakColourDatasheet
I 1560A 591,168300clear-transparentDownload
I 1570A 701,1811300clear-transparentDownload
I 1583A 831,2215250clear-transparentDownload
I 1595A 951,2518250clear-transparentDownload