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Regranulates are created by mechanically/physically processing sorted thermoplastic polymers. They are broken down, washed, dried, melted and reformed into granulates, which are then called regranulates.

Regranulates are used in plastics processing companies as a raw material. Depending on the quality and taking into account the desired properties of the product, regranulates can be used by themselves or in combination with new goods.

MACOMASS provides regranulates (soft PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP) depending on availability. 

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MACOMASS PVC-Regranulates

MM-PVCHardness Shore ADensity in g/cm³Tensile strength in N/mm²Elongation at break 23°C in %
Reg80 ± 51,49 ± 0,05≥ 10≥ 250